The most incredible art robberies of the century in six investigative documentary thriller.

Art Crimes take us inside the most unbelievable and intriguing international art robberies of the century. From Amsterdam to Naples, from Rotterdam to Bucharest, from Budapest to Athens each documentary thriller will bring us behind the story on famous art robberies, through the personal experience and recollection of its real protagonists: the thieves and the investigators.
Built with the carefully written dramaturgy borrowed from thriller investigation storytelling, led by its protagonists voices and recollections, together with prosecutors, private detectives, lawyers, art dealers, each film will rebuild with intense personal interviews, live moments, official archives, trial records and intriguing super8mm fiction, the disappearance, investigation and retrieval or loss of some of the world’s most famous paintings. From the 2002 disappearance of two Van Gogh paintings from the VanGogh Museum in Amsterdam by the hand of known thief Octave “The Monkey” Durham with the involvement of the Neapolitan Camorra, to the robbery of Edward Munch’s Scream by ex soccer player Paal Enger and the astute undercover operation to retrieve it, to the greatest heist of the cold war, planned by an Italian gang of criminals officially on holidays in Budapest in 1983… From the Swedish National Museum in Stockholm to a forgotten farmhouse in Eastern Germany, from the baroque church of Saint Francis in Southern Italy to hidden monasteries in Greece, from dodgy art dealers in Amsterdam to undercover Scotland Yard investigators, from small town thieves to the most powerful mafia bosses, lets discover six unbelievable stories, with plot twists, unexpected finales and the unimaginable scenarios of Hollywood films. Yet this is all real.
A journey in the underworld of stolen art, in 6 different decades, hunting the world’s most famous masterpieces: many have returned on the walls of their museums, yet, what is are the stories behind them?

art crimes


6 x’52 Episodes Crime Series
Format: 4K Cinemascope

Created and produced by Stefano Strocchi
Directed by Stefano Strocchi, Giotto Barbieri, Stig Andersen

In production with:
SKY arte Italia
In coproduction with: DOCLAB Srl (Italy)

With the support of:
Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg
Creative Europe – Media Program

Worldsales: METFILM Sales
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